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Bradley Bailyn – Best Business Lawyer in New York 2024

by Mike

Bradley Bailyn - Best Business Lawyer in New York 2024

I’m an attorney in New York City whose practice focuses on financial transactions and litigation for lending institutions, consumers and small businesses. Services include bankruptcy, insolvency and financial representation, creditors’ rights, partner, shareholder, investor, vendor/supplier and landlord disputes, collections and judgment enforcement, and liability avoidance training. We serve small businesses across industries, larger firms in banking and financial services, and advertising, media and publishing,

My firm will move quickly and decisively for you. Your security interests will be secure, your claims will be claimed and you will have a seat at the table, wherever that table may be. The good news is that most companies are slow and inexperienced when it comes to asserting their rights and protecting their interests. But for you, legal and financial matters will be a competitive advantage.

My commitment to the small business community, to the finance industry and to my community is demonstrable. I teach and volunteer, I’m a member of key trade organizations, I sit on attorney committees and I build contacts with experienced, accomplished professionals in multiple jurisdictions, and related disciplines.

I have extensive general counsel and CFO experience for multi-million dollar businesses where I negotiated, litigated and collected millions of dollars in receivables. I enforced many contracts in a variety of contexts from willful defaults to messy M&A deals.

Corporate debt negotiation, restructuring and bankruptcy are essential services that my firm offers. Costly lawsuits, fines by government agencies, unexpected tax liabilities, intellectual property issues, utility backbills, contracts that cannot be performed as agreed and simply bad fortunes in business or in personal affairs oftentimes require the help my firm provides.


Phone: 646-326-9971
E-mail: brad@bailynlaw.com
Web: https://bailynlaw.com/

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