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Vietnam lists 2 overseas separatist groups as terrorist organizations

by Derek Andrews
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Vietnam announced on Thursday that it has listed two separatist Montagnard teams primarily based within the US as terrorist organizations on Thursday. The Montagnard refers to an array of highland minorities distinct from the bulk Viet inhabitants. Due to the 2 teams are actually listed as terrorist organizations, anybody discovered by Vietnamese authorities to have engaged with or aided the teams could face legal costs.

The teams are the Montagnard Help Group, established in 2011 and led by Y Mut Mlo, and Montagnards for Justice, established in 2019 and led by Y Quynh Bdap. In accordance with the assertion from Vietnam’s Ministry of Public Safety, the 2 teams are accountable for engaging ethnic minorities to make use of violence, conduct terrorism and incite armed riots. The ministry additionally claimed that the 2 teams have utilized propaganda and manipulation to coach, fund and direct weapons procurement as a way to conduct terrorist assaults.

Each teams are primarily based within the US. The Vietnamese authorities has accused them of plotting and finishing up the June 2023 shootings at Ea Tieu and Ea Ktur that killed 4 policemen. The US embassy in Hanoi has not but launched a press release relating to the terrorist designations.

The Socialist Republic of Vietnam has a fractious relationship with the Montagnard. The Montagnard have been utilized and trained by American forces throughout the Vietnam Struggle for unconventional warfare in opposition to the now ruling authorities in Hanoi.

Source / Picture: jurist.org

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