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Myanmar dispatch: ‘Our voices are getting killed’

by Derek Andrews
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Myanmar legislation college students are reporting for JURIST on challenges to the rule of legislation of their nation below the army junta that deposed the civilian authorities of Aung San Suu Kyi in February 2021.

Don’t say it. Don’t do it. Don’t present it. Don’t submit it. Don’t discuss it. Don’t present any expressions. Don’t take an image. Don’t go there. Don’t share it. Don’t remark. Don’t have a look at it. Don’t hearken to it. Don’t speak about it. Don’t suppose. Don’t really feel.

That is how Myanmar individuals have to speak about “politics” today. In brief, all these restrictions are telling us, “Don’t exist, in any respect.”

A current replace is that we’re not allowed to have and categorical any opinion about politics in our each day life anymore. Folks can get detained and charged with excessive treason for merely expressing their thought concerning the army juntas in a random dialog. The army junta invests additional effort to cover amongst civilians by dressing up like a civilian and oppressing us extra successfully. Even when they can’t be all over the place each time, they’d use this as a tactic to unfold worry to make us really feel haunted that we’re surrounded by enemies on a regular basis and we’re helpless. Earlier than they bodily drag our our bodies into jail, they attempt to imprison our pondering skills first. The junta now appears to comprehend that civilians who can suppose are extra harmful than civilians who can shoot.

Additionally, we now not have freedom of expression on social media platforms. Folks get arrested for utilizing their Fb accounts to precise any direct or oblique opinion about politics. Folks get arrested for utilizing a black display screen as their Fb profile image. Utilizing a black display screen as our Fb profile image is only one tiny effort we make to precise our sorrow for the fallen heroes of this revolution and for the mourning civilians who get their homes and villages burnt by the army juntas. Regardless of the worry, individuals present this slight sign to one another as a comforting motion. The junta gained’t even excuse this. They label such an act of humanity “a grave crime”. Not solely that, we will additionally get arrested for sharing information concerning the PDF [the People’s Defense Force], NUG [the National Unity Government] and sanctions in opposition to the juntas. Simply sharing information with our personal Fb account is deemed a criminal offense in Myanmar. Our voices are getting killed. This equates to killing our existence too.

After we had the possibility to really collect on the streets and shout out our opinions, we a least had an opportunity to squeeze out our braveness with the assist of individuals within the crowd. Proper now, people are cornered and compelled to be remoted, and the precise braveness and willingness to remain lively lies upon people’ shoulders. The army juntas are purposefully making individuals turn out to be too fearful to watch, to look, to hear, to speak, to really feel, to suppose and in the end, they need us to be scared to even ‘exist’. Subsequently, as we often say, they’ll kill individuals however they can’t kill the revolution. The revolution will stay on in our hearts and shall be carried alongside in every technology.

Source / Picture: jurist.org

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