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EU Court dismisses claims of British citizens challenging loss of rights under Brexit

by Derek Andrews
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The Court docket of Justice of the European Union dismissed an attraction Thursday from British residents who challenged their lack of European Union (EU) citizen rights because of Brexit. The Court docket dismissed the attraction as “the appellants do not need an curiosity in bringing proceedings in opposition to the choice at subject.”

The UK determined to go away the EU by means of a referendum in 2016, following which, the nation signed the Brexit withdrawal agreement in 2020. After withdrawing from the EU that yr, British residents misplaced sure rights they’d beforehand had as EU residents. In response to this, three separate actions have been initially introduced earlier than the Normal Court docket in late 2020 by British residents residing in the UK and numerous Member States. The residents argued that the Brexit withdrawal settlement disadvantaged them of the rights they’d exercised and bought as EU residents, however this was dismissed by the Normal Court docket as inadmissible.

In Thursday’s appeal on the Court docket of Justice, the British residents argued that there had been an error of regulation when the Normal Court docket determined the declare was inadmissible. Nevertheless, the Court docket of Justice upheld the Normal Court docket’s resolution. The Court docket declared that “[t]he lack of the standing of citizen of the European Union, and consequently the lack of the rights connected to that standing, is an automated consequence of the only real sovereign resolution taken by the UK to withdraw from the European Union.”

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